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We continue our services to iron and steel, casting raw materials, connection equipment
and energy sectors with our sustainable, local and global supply chain.
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Power Generation

Tenekecioglu is an environmentally friendly company. We are investing in green energy and our future. Tenekecioglu believes our future is green energy.

Our Products

It is a building material, usually metal, that is frequently used as a joining element, especially wooden materials. Bulk Nails, Epal Nails, Collated Nails...

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Our company reflecting and characterized by both local and global values and considerations. We strive to differentiate ourselves from the competition by providing a superior customer experience, utilizing the most cost effective and quality-controlled processes to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. In addition to our state of art production facilities located in Salihli Organized Industry Zone , Manisa Turkiye , we are able to supply various fastening products , steel long/flat semis , finished products as well as raw materials for our clients in variety of sectors.


Tenekecioglu has lSO 9001, lSO 14001, lSO 45001, and ISO 10002 certificates, which are functionally needed in many areas. Click here for more information.

As Tenekecioglu, we contribute to the country's economy in power generation.

Our company, which has already contributed to the country’s economy with the trade of Pig Iron, Wire Rod, Steel Billets, and Coal in imports and exports, has taken the first step to power generation in the energy sector by establishing a Kemaliye solar power plant.

Our Solar Power Plant;

It has an energy power of 700 kWe / 970.20 kWp and a power transmission line of 1.1 km.

Our Products

You are at the right address for quality nail models! You can use it in construction, repair, and many other areas.
You will definitely find the product that suits your needs among our nail types.

Bulk Nails

Ball-head nails are one of the durable nail types that are frequently used in construction and repair works.

Collated Nails

These are the types of nails created by combining and mixing nails of various sizes.






As Tenekecioglu, we carry our standards forward without sacrificing quality with
our high-tech machines and equipment.